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Habitat Restoration Isn’t Just for Professionals

Save the whales. The polar bears. The honeybees. You’ve undoubtedly encountered one or all of these conservation campaigns over the course of your lifetime. You’ll probably encounter many more as our earth’s wildlife continues to hurdle towards mass extinction at an alarming rate. Approximately one eighth of our planet’s plant and animal species are currently at risk.

New research project tracks burrowing owls at Costa Mesa’s Fairview Park

Barry Nerhus, the city’s contract biologist, and Pete Bloom of Bloom Biological Inc. have banded and released two owls in the park in the past two weeks. Both birds appear to have been born last spring and may be sojourning locally as part of a wider migratory route, according to the city.

How to restore Fairview Park ecosystems? Patience, planning and preparation, experts say

Because habitat restoration is a long-term commitment, it’s vital to carefully craft cohesive and comprehensive strategies ahead of time, panelists said. Travis Brooks, a biologist and restoration ecologist with Land IQ – a consulting, analytics and research company – compared it to painting an aging wall.

Western Pond Turtles Presentation by Barry Nerhus – EventUpon

Western Pond Turtles Presentation by Barry Nerhus The purpose of this workshop is to understand what ecological research and monitoring is in progress in Orange County and the surrounding region, to identify topics that will bring researchers,…

Stingrays, sponges and snails teach Costa Mesa High students about coastal biodiversity

NEWPORT BEACH – Sey Currie carefully raised a two-sided metal clamp from the bottom of the Upper Newport Back Bay Ecological Reserve. Once up, she and several other students from Costa Mesa High School dumped out its contents and carefully sifted through the mud looking for invertebrates.

Coastal sage scrub and grassland restoration and Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve – Sonoran Joint Venture

Project Description The Orange County Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (OCSCB) plans to restore 4.8 acres of endangered habitat in the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve of Orange County, California.