Podcasts That Encourage Sustainable Living

Podcast hosts are smart, fun, and from across the world. The podcasts center primarily on sustainability and mindful living, often inviting celebrities and world-changing people to their shows. Every episode has insights and inspiration to improve your conscious lifestyle picks. Here are some of the podcasts that encourage sustainable living.

1. The Slow Home Podcast

Brooke McAlary’s podcast, The Slow Home Podcast, is terrific. This is a show dedicated to simplifying, slowing down, and focusing on the stuff that matters. For anyone living in the open lane, this podcast is a gasp of fresh air. It’s also ranked #1 on the iTunes Health Podcast.

2. A Sustainable Mind


Alexander began the Sustainable Mind Project as a thesis project for his masters. The podcast, hosted and produced by Alexander, hosts weekly interviews with individuals behind some of the most influential organizations, startups, and campaigns. Discussions cover the whole lot, from bamboo and microplastics to sustainable intimacy items and green event planning.

3. Conscious Chatter


Conscious Chatter refers to a podcast dedicated to discussing style, fashion, and the global sustainable clothing supply chain. Presented by Jenkins Kestrel, a longtime sustainability advocate and pioneer of the decent fashion place, Conscious Chatter is all about refining conversation and posing challenging questions.

4. Brown Girl Green


Produced by the activist, presenter, and speaker Kristy, Brown Girl Green focuses on the intersections of diversity, media, and environmental protection. Through talks with advocates and leaders, conversations center on inclusion, solutions to the climate crisis, and much more. Hearers can hear discussions about using personal finances for ecologically conscious spending and nurturing joy in an often overwhelming world.

5. Low Tox Life


Alex Stuart presents the Low Tox Life podcast about our bodies, souls, and minds. With episodes on our psychological well-being, the foods we eat, sleeping habits, and toilet paper (seriously) changing the globe, the podcast takes various useful and interesting topics. On her website, Alex also provides an e-book, e-courses, and recipes.

6. Good + social


The Good + Social Podcast devotion is towards dealing with the stories behind the activists, entrepreneurs, and innovators working to improve their industries. Study about the greatest and latest in the world of social influencing, and take a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative ways these aspirants are changing the traditional system.


If you are building a business with a social impact or just looking for creative inspiration in the social space, this podcast might make you optimistic about the future.


Finally, some podcasts may help improve your lifestyle. Discussed above are some of the podcasts that play the role of encouraging sustainable living.