Extreme weather conditions have adverse effects that have brought downsides to Texas and other states’ economy. The federal and state governments have joined forces to try and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. Additionally, climate change has brought storm-related crisis such as power shortage which has resulted in several calamities that include:

Death Reports

The levels of temperatures have dropped to single digits and have resulted in abnormal freezing. However, the power crisis has resulted in unsustainable means of heating and warming. As a result, people have been seeking alternative warming methods such as portable generators or running cars in their homes. This has led to the emission of harmful gases that have reportedly recorded several deaths.Altering of the Fuel System

These climatic changes have entirely distorted the fuel channels. Various fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas are eminent sources of power. Nonetheless, there have been cases of frozen wind turbines and rampant blackouts. This has caused a state of emergency as alternative energy sources such as wind and solar cannot sustain the current demands.Destruction of Infrastructure

Climate change breeds intensive storms, wildfires, heat waves and floods that have damaged several infrastructural systems. Roads, railways, power plants, and also homes have been on the verge of damage. Also, sewer systems overflow frequently as the storm exceed the speculated capacity. Runoffs have also resulted in the collapse of various buildings and structures, especially in the coastal region. Such scenarios were not expected, and more are set to happen.Distortion of Water Systems

The water crisis has been inevitable in recent happenings, primarily due to spillage. Toxic residues such as ash from the coal-burning plants spill in various water systems such as rivers causing contamination. Also, these residues are in high amounts to the extent of crossing over the barriers meant to curb its flow. It has resulted in extra costs in an attempt to withhold the contamination situation.Power Outages

Various calamities, such as hurricanes and wildfires have resulted in an escalation of power outages by 67% compared to previous records. For example, a South Texas nuclear plant was shut down and is estimated to serve two million people. This power has numerous uses, and its decline has borne negative results.