Barry Nerhus

Experienced Biologist

About Barry

Barry Nerhus is an experienced biologist whose career spans environmental consulting, nonprofit work, academia, and more. Each aspect of Barry’s work is rooted in one common cause: understanding and conserving life in habitats throughout southern California and beyond.

Barry graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a M.S. in Biology and has 9 years of experience in environmental consulting. He is the founder and senior biologist of Endemic Environmental Services, Inc., a consultancy offering a wide array of services that provide his clients with navigation through environmental permitting processes, as well as protecting and restoring rare species and habitats.

Barry has been selected to spearhead some of the most significant ecological projects in Orange County in recent years, including the Fairview Park Riparian Wetland Restoration Project in Costa Mesa. He has been featured in outlets such as the Orange County Register for his work.

Barry balances his consulting work with his nonprofit efforts, mainly via the Institute for Conservation Research and Education. He founded the institute in 2011 to research the western pond turtle as well as other species in need of conservation research. Since then, ICRE has become a pillar of its community in Orange County, providing crucial opportunities for environmental involvement, outreach, and education. From partnerships with key nonprofits to collaborations with local high schools, ICRE is a hub for anyone who is interested in conserving and restoring habitats, both locally and globally.

Prior to founding ICRE, Barry Nerhus was the original founder of the Orange County chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology (OCSCB). This experience — which he undertook during his time at the University of California, Irvine — inspired Barry to continue facilitating community-driven change and education on a nonprofit basis to this day.

A scientist both by trade and at heart, Barry has always felt a sense of curiosity about the world around him. He enjoys inspiring curiosity in others as well, and one of the best ways for him to do so is teaching. He teaches part-time at a local community college and also runs online educational courses. To help inspire that love of ecology, nature, and conservation in others, Barry serves as a professor at Coastline Community College and offers courses in various life sciences ranking from introductory ecology to herpetology.  Barry also works as an adjunct lecturer for the Masters in Conservation and Restoration Science program at University of California Irvine.

Barry specializes in herpetology and has extensive experience working with and studying Southern California’s native pond turtle, the southwestern pond turtle. His observations of the rare species sparked his passion for conservation biology.

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